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Magneto… yes??

A few months ago I wrote about an article that disputed the claim that pigeons have iron-rich cells in their beaks that sense the earth’s magnetic field.  A new paper by Eder et al. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes their discovery of magnetic cells in the trout nose. The way they … Continue reading Magneto… yes??

Fear is in the soil

Leaf litter and other plant debris are broken down in the soil by fungi and microbes, which decompose the organic matter into molecules which they can use.  We know that all living matter is connected through complex ecosystem interactions.  Changes in predator populations affect the prey populations which may then cause changes to the plants … Continue reading Fear is in the soil

Plastic axonal trees

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…or can you?We’ve all heard about how the brain slows down as we age.  We’re constantly losing brain cells.  Neurons become “static” and cannot make new connections.  Is this true?  Are we really doomed to a lifetime of deteriorating mental function?A paper by Oberlaender et al came out … Continue reading Plastic axonal trees